Positive Beams

Skype and Phone Counselling

Tina Clark

(Formerly Livingstone)

Both Skype and Phone Counselling allow you to attend your counselling sessions from the comfort of a location of your own choice.

This enables -

  • Better Access - for people with mobility issues, in remote locations, or short of time
  • Increased Convenience - cutting out cost of travelling to appointments
  • Increased Privacy - reducing any possible stigma of others knowing you are seeking help

Additionally Skype offers a choice of interface - Voicecall, Webcam or Instant Messaging (the latter proving particularly helpful for people who are voice conscious - for example those transitioning gender or with speech impediment)

Client Reviews

Tina's E-therapy has done more for me in less than two months than face-to-face therapy has been able to accomplish in over ten years.

Having another method of reaching out, even while maintaining a distance, was precisely what I needed. Text chat was no barrier to our therapeutic relationship, I often write better than I talk. Tina functions on a keyboard with equal ease and clarity. This method of therapy certainly worked for me.

I contacted Tina via email correspondence, during a very bad time. She was very receptive, very soothing and consoling, clearly experienced and knowledgeable, sure of herself and she was without a doubt, competent. She understands. She saved my life.