Positive Beams

Transgender Counselling

Tina Clark

(Formerly Livingstone)

Valuing the uniqueness of the individual, and respecting the spectrum of possible life paths, my counselling supports people, with diverse sex and gender concerns, in finding their own ways forward to a more comfortable and fulfilling life.

I regard trans-identity as a natural diversity and have been providing counselling support to trans-identified and trans-historied people for almost twenty years.

Trans-identity includes the full spectrum of experience - cross-dressing, transvestite, transgender, transsexual, and non-binary gender expression.

Trans-historied respectfully includes those who have been through clinical process and/or Gender Recognition and no longer identify as Trans.

I offer experience of successfully counselling people of both binary and non-binary genders who are:

  • Non-transitioning
  • Pre-transition
  • In transition
  • Post-transition
  • De-transitioning

I also offer counselling support to wives, partners, parents, and children of trans-identified and trans-historied people.

Please be aware that Counsellors based in the U.K are currently both unable to prescribe or provide surgical referral. These services are accessed through specialist medical practitioners within the NHS or Private sector.

Tina allowed me to take things at my own pace, building confidence and moving towards being full time, allowing me the space I needed. Having been full time for three years now, my transition has been smoother than I could ever have wished for in a large part due to Tina's help.

I thought that counselling was for Transsexuals, and not for people like me, In fact, I had no idea what I was and that frightened me badly. The two options appeared to be Pervert or Woman and I didn't really feel like either. Working with Tina taught me that it didn't actually matter what I was, it was who I was that was important. With a great deal of patience and no small amount of wit, warmth, and humour, Tina helped me to discover myself and to give myself permission to be that person. What more can anyone ask of life?

Tina has been a significant part of my transition, although she has never influenced me, she helped me evaluate how to deal with my Gender Dysphoria and to understand the options open to me and she gave me the confidence to make my own decisions that were right for me and my spouse.