Positive Beams

Relationship Counselling

Tina Clark

(Formerly Livingstone)

Our core personal relationship may be with our spouse or partner(s), with our parent, or with our child.

Fractures in core relationship can lead to pain that pervades the whole of our life. Enveloping us in distress, disappointment, guilt, blame, rejection, and loneliness.

Working with you, both separately and together, we will:

  • Learn to understand what is keeping you stuck in an uncomfortable place in relationship and discover ways of moving forward.

  • Talking about all issues in a safe environment.
  • Enabling you to gain confidence in self-expression and listening in relationship.
  • Improving your communications.
  • Learning to negotiate with one another.

Equal respect given to those in negotiated non-monogamous relationship, and experienced in working successfully with partners, siblings, parents, and children of trans-identified and trans-historied people.

He called me at a vulnerable moment and I cried. He kept talking to me for ages and suddenly he was there. He had come home like my knight in shining armour. I would never have thought it possible.

I remember us screaming at each other in front of you. This weekend she invited me to stay and actually introduced me to her new colleagues - proudly and unashamed. Who would have thought it possible?

People don't realise that there's jealousy in open relationships too. I felt I should not have it or be able to handle it. Now we have negotiated playing in the same room and have agreed boundaries. We are both happy and I don't hurt.

Tina was lovely and I felt I had known her all my life. I had negative feelings caused by an abusive childhood that were deeply affecting my adult life; as you may have noticed I mentioned that in a past tense! Within weeks the change in me was immense - I had forgiven my mother after 38 years of suffering and mental isolation (feeling unloved).